One of my clients who recently applied for the positions previously posted on this blog received a denial letter from Kaiser Permanente. I sincerely hope that you do not receive one of these! It is my goal is to help as many acupuncturists I can to get hired into these positions. The competition is stiff, so anything you can do to give you an edge will help increase your chances of landing one of these positions. I wanted to make sure you had an opportunity to read what the denial letter says, so I will reproduce it here for you (below).

“Dear xxxxx:
Thank you for including Kaiser Permanente in your job search and for your interest in 200239, Acupuncturist – Pain Clinic. We are currently pursuing candidates whose skills, background and/or seniority more closely fit the requirements for this position. Although you are not among those continuing to be considered for this particular position, your candidate profile will remain in our database. We encourage you to visit our Kaiser Permanente Careers Web site at for additional opportunities.
If you have an existing candidate profile, you can view the status of your current job submissions by logging into our Careers Web site and click ‘My submissions.’
Best regards,


Recruitment Services
Kaiser Permanente”

Acupuncture Hospital Jobs is uniquely qualified to help you get into a Kaiser Permanente position as an acupuncturist. We have helped several practitioners get placed into these positions throughout the Northern California region where in-house acupuncture departments are the company’s policy. If you are serious about getting hired into the Kaiser Permanente system, please consider consulting with me, Scott Whitfield L.Ac., D.A.O.M. I offer 30-minute and 60-minute telephone, Skype or Facetime coaching at your earliest convenience. Please click here to sign up for the coaching service that can dramatically improve your odds of landing one of these positions. Have you also received one of these denial letters? Or, have you been recently landed one of these positions? Please let me know! You can leave a reply below. Thanks for reading.
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