If you are serious about applying for an acupuncture position at Kaiser Permanente, you will want to spend some time setting up your candidate profile on their jobs site. In my previous blog post here, you can find out how to get onto and search for job postings. Unless you are willing to spend time checking this on a very regular basis, you may wish to set a job search notification. In this way, when a job is posted that matches your criteria, you will receive an e-mail message about it.

Candidate Profile

On the Search Jobs page, if you look in the bottom right-hand corner you will see this little blurb. Click on “Access my profile” to get started (it may actually read “Set up your profile if you have never done so). There are 5 sections that you will need to complete before your profile is set up.

The first section of your profile is entitled “Personal Information.” Here you will fill in fields and make selections from drop-down menus regarding your personal information, your work experience, your education, and information regarding your licenses, certifications, etc. When you are finished, click on the “Save and Continue” button at the bottom left-hand side.

The next section is about setting up the criteria for your “Job Posting Notification.” This part is somewhat critical in terms of what choices you make. The first thing to do is to click on the check box that lets you receive e-mail notification. The “Job Level” should be set to three settings: 1. Not Specified 2. Entry Level and 3. Individual Contributor. I would suggest selecting multiple choices under the “Schedule” choices as well. I selected all except for “Not Specified.” Then click “Save and Continue,” again.

Now you will select more employment preferences in the third section. There is a box entitles “Job Field” with a drop-down menu for “Area of Interest.” You must select at least one option and they are not necessarily intuitive. There is no option for “Acupuncturist” unfortunately, so this is where some knowledge of the inner workings of Kaiser comes in handy. I selected: 1. Patient Care Services (non-RN) and 2. Rehab Services for my search. Why not Chronic Pain? Firstly because here it is not an option to select and secondly only some of the acupuncture departments within Kaiser Permanente are under chronic pain departments. After each selection, be sure to click on “Add to list.” You may remove items that you have selected by clicking on “Remove,” below your selection. When you are done, be sure to click on “Save and Continue.”

You will continue to select employment preferences by next selecting a location. Northern California is that main region offering in-house acupuncture positions. Your selections on the “Location” and “Organization” pages should reflect this fact. This is another page in which you can make multiple selections so you may want to add other location that you would consider moving to. I am not certain but I have heard that Oregon and/or Washington Kaiser Permanente may also employ acupuncturists. I am fairly certain that Southern California Kaiser Permanente does not offer in-house acupuncture. When you make a selection, other drop-down menus will appear. Be sure to select “Permanente Medical Group” as this is the “arm” of Kaiser Permanente that hires us. As before, when you have made your selections, “Save and Continue.”

The next section is fairly straightforward. It allows you to attach a file. I would recommend attaching your customized and most current cover letter and resume here. This way, if a job posting pops up, you can just quickly submit this document to the job posting. Timing is often a make-or-break proposition in terms of getting hired into a hospital setting.

The last section is a summary of the choices you have made. Feel free to review them and know that you can go back at any time to make changes if you so desire. The last step in this process is to click on the “Submit” button.  All the information you just spent all this time typing in will not be saved in the system unless you click this button!

Once you submit, a page confirming your submission will come up and in a short while you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

That’s it! I wish you continued good luck in your endeavors. I hope this guide to the Candidate Profile has been useful.

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